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Pinewood Forest Park is Now Open


I am pleased to announce that Pinewood Forest Park is now re-opened to the community.

As you know, I temporarily closed the park back in January due to complaints from people visiting about broken equipment and other safety issues. I prioritized the park and worked on different scenarios to update the equipment.

During my research, I came across lightly used equipment that could be purchased at a greatly reduced price. New Beginnings Construction Inc., a local home builder and agriculture service based out of Richlands donated the money for the equipment. Bill Ellis and his team from Playtime Installers in Kinston completed the professional installation. A BIG thanks to Bill for all his help on this project.

I would like to thank Commissioner Peter Fantini for organizing and leading the initial cleanup effort and thank other community members who came out to clean the park as part of that effort. I would like to also thank Commissioners Penny Murphy and James Quinn for donating the new benches.

While we want to thank everyone above for all their donations and efforts, at the end of the day, it came down to the town employees to bring everything together. The town employees have worked many hours preparing the property, completing the final cleanup, putting out sand, landscaping, mulch, signs etc. They did a fantastic job and I hope you will let them know when you see them. I want to give a special thanks to Phillip and Dana Swinson for all the after-hours spent working at the park and for jumping in to make the last-minute things come together to meet our deadline.

I hope everyone enjoys the updates to the park.

Mayor Yvonne Deatherage