Animal Services

The Town of Pink Hill falls under Lenoir County's Animal Control Ordinance. The Lenoir County Animal Control Department provides assistance to all residents and is dedicated to helping protect the health, safety and welfare of both people and animals in our community. If you have a concern, problem or question regarding animals in Pink Hill please contact Lenoir County Health Department Animal Control at 252-526-4200.

Animal/Rabies Control

The Animal/Rabies Control program enforces the local Lenoir County Animal/Rabies Control Ordinance adopted July 1992 with an effective date of October 1992; state rabies control laws, NCGS 130A-184 through 200 and NCGS 67-4.1 through 4.4; and other related state laws.  The Health Department’s animal control officers are equipped with a vehicle, a rifle, and an assortment of cages, traps, snares, and personal protective gear.  The jurisdiction of the local ordinance is county-wide, including the townships of LaGrange and Pink Hill but excludes the town limits of Kinston.


Lenoir County Health Department

201 N. McLewean Street

 PO Box 3385
Kinston, NC 28502

Telephone 252-526-4200

Fax 252-526-4299